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Empresas, clientes y colaboradores

Our partners:

Right from the very beginning, the town of Elgoibar has demonstrated an advanced vision of the future so by using its resources it has managed to become a reference for businesses in the area.
Professional training has also played an important role and in turn has led towards forming relationships with local businesses.
As our website shows, MEKA has a recently built building in Elgoibar. As an attempt to respond to industrial needs and to strive in providing for our surrounding business, we, as teachers, started the draft of our new centre.  Seemingly this idea seemed a little bit crazy at first but with strong momentum given by those in the industry sector it ended up becoming a reality.
The effort that has been shown by all the teachers and the rest of our staff is remarkable though the influence of the surrounding businesses has also been vital because it was them who agreed that there was the need for this new centre and they also created the industrial base which we now have the pleasure to gift our students with.
To conclude, we give thanks to the Department of Education for their decision to establish the new centre. We would also like to honour in this brief message all those who have offered their support.
In the name of the centre and the town, many thanks.

Ana Molina,
Deputy Headteacher

Who we work with:

  • Gipuzkoako Foru Aldundia.
  • Eusko Jaurlaritza.
  • Elgoibarko Udala.
  • A.E.G.A.
  • A.F.M.
  • Alecop.S.COOP.
  • Autoberri S.L.
  • Auto Reparaciones Deba. S.A.
  • Auto-Iraeta S.A.L.
  • Berazao. S.A.
  • Bernardo Ecenarro. S.A.
  • Caldereria Gurelan. S.A.
  • Cometel.
  • Couth.
  • Danobat taldea.
  • Domusa calefacción. S. COOP.
  • Egido AIE.
  • Egondo. S.L.
  • Eibar motor.
  • Ekin S.COOP.
  • Elgoibar BHI guraso elkartea.
  • Elorregui autoak. S.L.
  • Etormobil.
  • Etxe-tar. S.A.
  • Euskadiko Kutxa.
  • Ford kondia
  • Gaindu. S.A.
  • Garaje Elorza.
  • Garaje moderno Pablo Irizar. S.L.
  • Garaje olabe S.L.
  • Ger maquinas herramienta S.L.
  • Giauto.
  • Hogei. S.A.
  • Industrias A.G.M.E.
  • Industrias kokatu. S.L.
  • Industrias lan-bi S.A.
  • Industrias metalicas oñaz-
  • Irizar. S.COOP.
  • Juaristi TS comercial S.L.
  • Kalman.
  • Kondia Urbano Conde S.A.
  • Kutxa fundazioa.
  • Leike S.L.
  • Lineas Automaticas S.A.
  • Loar accesorios industriales. S.A.
  • Maquinaria CME. S.A.
  • Marrak proiektuak. S.L.
  • Materiales composite. S.COOP. L.T.D.A.
  • Mebusa metalurgica burceña S.A.
  • Mendaro autoak. S.A.
  • Neumaticos Bayona. S.L.
  • Olaso Autodiesel. S.L.
  • Ona pres S.COOP. LTDA.
  • Pegamo Navarra. S.A.
  • Praxair.
  • Recambios bat. S.L.
  • Recambios nafer. S.A.
  • Recambios renteria. S.L.
  • R.T.S. S.A.
  • Sarralle grupo.
  • Sitab.
  • Soldegi.
  • Suc ciriaco lopez. S.L.
  • Sumyrec. S.L.
  • Talleres Aloña. S.L.
  • Talleres blanco.
  • Talleres Lizarralde. S.L.
  • Talleres Myl. S.A.
  • Teknikalde. S.A.
  • Udalauto S.L.
  • Urpemak. S.L.
  • Uztarri. S.A.
  • Vascongada de automóviles.
  • Viuda de egido e hijos. S.L.
  • Ximenez y C.I.A.
  • Zayer. S.A.
  • Zumaia motor.








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