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CIFP MEKA LHII is an Integrated Vocational Training School of the Basque Public Education. It offers training courses at both intermediate and higher levels, lifelong learning for both workers and the unemployed, as well as the possibility of training abroad through European ERASMUS + projects.

The goal of CIFP MEKA LHII is to be a benchmark vocational training school, with a clear commitment from its management to offer a quality service to customers, protect the environment and ensure safety at work. For this purpose, and to achieve continuous improvement, it has opted for an integrated management system based on management, environment, and safety as a reference model for the management of the whole school.

This policy will be used as a framework reference for the establishment of environmental and management objectives based on the following guidelines:

To achieve overall customer satisfaction by offering a quality educational service, both in terms of the educational service itself, customer service, and educational commitment to society.

To comply with the legal environmental, management, and safety requirements that correspond to the school, as well as with other acquired requirements, taking into account the conditions and requirements of customers and stakeholders.

Continuous improvement through constant optimisation of our activities, services and work processes through planning, development and review.

Align our processes and projects with the role, vision and strategies of the organisation, educating in excellence, sustainability, co-education, respect, and equality.

To take into account the students, the school's staff and stakeholders, listening to their opinion and trying to meet their expectations.

Continuous training of staff to improve knowledge of education, the workplace, the school's processes and objectives, and achieving efficiency and quality.

Adopt measures for environmental protection to combat and limit pollution derived from the activities carried out in the school or on its behalf, through a sustainable consumption of resources, a limitation and appropriate management of waste and generated waste, adopting measures to reduce climate change.

Adopt measures to prevent and avoid damage to the health and safety of people in terms of occupational risk prevention.

To try to meet the training needs of local companies and offer services through Tkgune.

This policy, and the commitments developed in it, affects the entire organisation, requiring the presence, acceptance, and compliance of everyone in the school. Furthermore, they must be committed to improving the management system and actively participate in achieving the organisation's objectives.

The school management will provide the necessary means for the successful development of the activities and objectives.

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