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In the last few years, the educational centres of the Basque Autonomous Community have made great efforts and progress in the teaching of Basque, in the linguistic training of teachers, in the preparation of materials, and in the knowledge and use of the Basque language by students.

To reinforce the steps taken, it has become necessary to implement a complete Plan for linguistic normalisation at the school level. This plan, in addition to gathering together the partial projects that have been carried out, aims to promote the relationship between the rest of the adult participants that make up the language community (teachers, parents, monitors, etc.).

This complete plan should be based on an analysis of the reality of the Basque language at the school. Based on this, the directions and objectives for the coming years will be established, always by common agreement between the members of the community and the school and providing the necessary support in terms of actions and resources. All the schools involved in the ULIBARRI programme are working towards this goal through their language standardisation projects.

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