The Department of Education of the Basque Government, through Tknika (Centre for Applied Research and Innovation in Vocational Training of the Basque Country), coordinates the programme IKASENPRESA, for students in VET and Higher VET.

What is Ikasenpresa?

Ikasenpresa is an educational programme based on the creation of school companies in the classroom. One of the objectives of this project is to bring the world of business into the classroom, thus, encouraging the development of entrepreneurial skills (creativity, innovation, teamwork, decision-making, initiative, leadership, commitment and determination, negotiation, etc.). It also stimulates the approach to other cultures and social realities by promoting cooperation between schools.

Ikasenpresa creates an innovative educational context and uses an eminently practical learning methodology that includes new technologies (e-mail, videoconferencing, use of foreign languages, etc.), essential work, and communication tools in today's information society.

How does it work?

The students set up a small company in which they carry out all related activities as corporate image, administration, marketing, buying, and selling, etc. Their products are real, self-made, or marketed.

These companies are assigned a partner, another school company, with whom they maintain commercial relations, carry out market studies and exchange the catalogue of products to finally sell and buy.

Throughout the school year, two business meetings are held. Two representatives from each company take part in these meetings. In the first one, they present their company to the rest, and in the second one, they report on the progress of the company. Furthermore, in the first part of these meetings, they are given workshops on Communication and Sales Point.

During the month of February, a fair is organised for the students to work on the sales point and offer their products to the public.



At MEKA Lanbide Eskola we understand entrepreneurship as the best way to grow personally, professionally, and economically; to be independent, and to have a quality of life in line with our expectations, which implies developing an Entrepreneurship Culture and Initiative.

For this purpose, we work with Ekingune (Community of Entrepreneurship in Vocational Training in the Basque Country), which is a project developed by TKNIKA (Centre for Research and Applied Innovation in Vocational Training in the Basque Country) and the Vocational Training Institutions, committed to entrepreneurship.

Urratsbat is a programme to support the creation of companies. A programme promoted by the Vice-Ministry of Vocational Training of the Department of Education, Language Policy and Culture of the Basque Government and coordinated by TKNIKA to help vocational training students in the creation of their own company.

Who it is for:

  • VET and higher Vocational second-year students.
  • Former students of the School.
  • Any person who has a relationship with the School through Longlife training courses.

Services offered:

  • A Responsible Officer at the School, available to the entrepreneur throughout the whole process, offering specific and comprehensive advice and mentoring, to turn the business idea into a business reality.
  • An office for the Entrepreneur, properly equipped, to be able to develop the necessary work in the process of creating his/her company.
  • Possibility of using the School's equipment during the launching phase.
  • Follow-up after the start-up.
  • Being part of the Urratsbat Network, promoting the creation of a business community made up of all the companies created through the Urratsbat programme.


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